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latest activity prospects jump to the top

It would be very helpful if the app gets updated with the latest prospect who visited my website jump to the top, (meaning to say: if I have 10 prospects information in the app, and prospect #8 visits my website, yes they will be updated that they watched a video or any activity, but they will stay #8 and I will have to scroll through the Contacts to find their name and go in and see activity.. but why not jump to the top? Let's say if I have 100 contacts not all of them have latest activity.. so when contact #73 goes back to my website it's hard to scroll and find #73 to see the new activity, why not have all the latest activity prospects jump to the top?? Thank you 😊

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That is an update coming very soon! In fact I’m testing it right now for bugs prior to releasing some app updates later this week we hope!

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