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Tracking ink that goes directly to presentation

It would be awesome to be able to send a prospect a tracking link direct to the presentation after a verbal invite (spanish and english).

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EGR Agent  
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Get fired up James because this feature is in the works and we hope to have done by Ambition!

Renee Dorsey

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Same question - is this ready?

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EGR Agent  
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Very sorry for the delays gang we have some last minute bugs that are proving difficult. This feature however does work and there is a shortcut that will allow it to work right now. If you are using the app and get a tracking link from your app that looks like this…

To change the destination page you simply need to insert a few digits after the slash like this…


so the first digit after the slash and before the dash controls the language of your landing page. So d stands for “default language” which means it will show the language you have selected as the default. You could override this by putting in an e for english or s for spanish. the second digit after the slash but before the dash is what controls the destination page. i for intro. p for presentation. g for get started and t for training.

So if I wanted to send my prospect to the spanish get started page, I would use this link:

When the app rolls out it will automate this process.

Hope this helps.

Shawn Cornett

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