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Mod to 404 message

Hi Tech folk,
Is it possible to have a customize or even modify the 404 message when a link I provide to a prospect is removed from the system?
Perhaps it could emphasize the part that says:
"If you still can’t get your link to work, please get back with the person who referred you."
A thought as I purge my inactive links to keep things moving forward.

Another possibility is to have links active format? To better explain, a new link will only be active ( clickable) for say 48 o 36 hours as determined by the consultant. Might be a nice option for a future mod.

Lastly, I know this may be a more complex one: Can we have more editabily of the contacts on the (iphone) app. I cant edit anything for a contact once it is entered. Would be nice to be able to, at least, add or modify the notes in the comments section.

Keep up the amazing program! Looking forward to seeing you at Simulcast and or online. Blessings, "cousin Gerry" Cousins

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All good ideas Gerry! The 404 page is something we do need to update to be more clear, I’ll get that on the docket. Just to be clear though, right now when a tracking link gets created it never gets deleted unless you delete the contact which we would never recommend doing. The edit-ability within the mobile app of contact data is something we do have in line for future updates but we have a few much more exciting updates further up the totem pole so to speak before we get to that. Stay tuned, thanks for the updates!

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